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  •  SOLD  1981-82 Yamaha SG-1500
    Same gene of SG, endorsed by Santana
Showcased here, SG-1500 has inherited the same prototype and architecture from Yamaha's flagship solid body SG-2000. Major difference is fretboard, where SG-2000 features Ebony while SG-1500 has Rosewood. Push-push knobs, which enable tonality toggle between humbucking and single coil, are the common features across high-end SG models.

Some more info about SG-1500: certain internet forums argue SG-1500 features dot inlay and chrome hardware, but here you see the variety, equipped with trapezoid inlay + gold hardware. As the photos indicate, scratches, body wear, and chip-offs appear on front and rear body. Also note the bottom strap-pin was slightly shifted toward right, revealing the hole previously drilled. The cosmetic factors are taken into consideration, thus heavy discount applied. Thanks for your watching!