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  •  SOLD  1981 Yamaha SG-2000
    Power & Sustain fascinates Santana
Probably the best known solid body among Yamaha guitars. It drew worldwide attention when the legendary guitarist Carlos Santa played at his live. When Santana and Yamaha developed this guitar, their main goal was how to maximize sustain, and the ideas were actualized by putting heavy mahogany body which resulted in fatter tone, also by converting the hardware to brass, which also delivered more sustain than other metal. In addition, a 'Sustain Plate' was added: a brass plate that sat underneath the tailpiece. Also incorporated were the strips of mahogany flanking the neck (called the 'T-Cross System').

With superior sustain in place, and block of wood through the body and neck, Santana churned out his all-time best songs, including Moonflower, She's Not There, Open Invitation, All I Ever Wanted (all studio version), and Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana), Let the Children Play / Jugando, Europa (all live versions). Yamaha SG guitar indeed was pivotal in his development of the smooth, round, endlessly sustaining tone which has become his trademark.

Speaking of this guitar on sale, she is the earlier generation, manufactured in July 1981. No push push pot, so simple and elegant design.

Scratches and slight chips found but considering 32 years of age, this guitar shines in my inventory closet. Concerned buyer would want to check out the detailed photos around bottom, rear side of cutaway, and neck.

Apart from the cosmetic wear, all the parts are functioning excellent and she plays with impressive sustain. Also note, the original Yamaha hardshell case comes along. Bottom line, Yamaha SG-2000 does set itself apart from the ordinary vintage solid body guitars. Serious players, collectors, what makes you hesitate to bid?