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  •  SOLD  1980 Yamaha SG-2000
    Power & Sustain fascinates Santana
SG-2000 must be the best known solid body among all the Yamaha electric guitars. Thanks to Santana at his live, SG-2000 drew worldwide attention. Santana's request during the course of the guitar development was how to maximize sustain with creamy and fatter tone. The ideas were actualized by featuring sturdy mahogany body, converting the hardware to brass, and supplementing a 'Sustain Plate', the brass plate sitting underneath the tailpiece. Also incorporated were the strips of mahogany flanking the neck (called the 'T-Cross System'). With superb sustain in place and block of wood through the body and neck, Santana churned out his all-time best songs, including Moonflower, She's Not There, Europa (live versions) with this guitar, just to name a few.

SG-2000 showcased here is a 1980 production, type II of 3rd generation model where push-push port not applied, according to the industry specialist. This elegant axe is gracefully aged with some oxidation on headstock tuners. Scratches and dents are not much found, but I have to admit trussrod is fully turned, leaving no room, in other words bow curvature is unavoidable. You may consider taking this to guitar tech to run through heat process which may put the neck straight back. With this additional cost considered, I am starting the auction with the lowest price ever. To the lucky winner I ship the guitar with genuine hardshell case. Enjoy your bid!