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  •  SOLD  1983 Yamaha SG-2500
    Short-lived & Highly sought-after Spinex SG
For those who must be laughing at my typo on model name, I am serious, this is the extremely rare SG-2500. With the same gene inherited from SG-2500, SG-2500 yet distinguishes herself by featuring Spinex pickups. For reference, Spinex is also on SG-3000, whereas SG-2000 has Alnico V on it. Also to mention, bi-sound system or so-called push-push toggle is the common specs all across SG-2000 / 2500 / 3000 and some of SG-1500 as well.

To describe the beauty of this vintage, excellent care and maintenance done for over the last 35 years, leaving only minor scratches on the left rim. You may notice the fogginess, usually found in vintage Yamaha guitars, also seen here but those cosmetics never compromise unchallengeable craftsmanship. What comes along is Yamaha's vintage hardshell case, highly sought after by many of Yamaha vintage seekers. One last comment, you may have to wait for another year or two until seeing SG-2500 on the market again.