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  •  SOLD  1983 Yamaha SG-3000
    Beautifully crafted solid body
Flagship model among Yamaha's double cutaway solid body. Sturdy build generates rich sustain and fully matured woody tone. 3 ply maple + mahogany neck balances over a wide tonal range, while Maple boosts high-range sustain whereas Mahogany beefs up low-range. Lastly, Mexican abalone binds the body contour and add significance at fretboard inlay. This is the very culmination of Yamaha solid guitar product lineup.

All parts function excellent. No string buzz, no noise in circulating the volume/tone knobs. I'd also like Yamaha's unique feature of push-push knobs. Pushing either of the tone knobs toggles between single coil and humbucker, producing multiple tonality.

Speaking of the condition, you may see minor cracks around the bottom of the body, apart from that, this guitar aged 32 years in supreme condition. To lucky owner the original hardshell case comes along.