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  •  SOLD  1988 Yamaha SG-3000
    Black Metallic In The Best Ever Quality
Showcasing here is the king of JP vintage, Yamaha SG3000. Symbolized by silky rich sustains and fully matured woody tone, she is unquestionably the top of the SG series lineups. 3 ply maple + mahogany neck balances over a wide tonal range, where Maple boosts high-range sustain while Mahogany beefs up low-range. What is more, Mexican abalone bindings gives impressive presence at glance and adds significance at fretboard inlay. This is the very culmination of Yamaha solid guitar productions. You must also be very fond of Yamaha's unique feature of push-push toggle. Multiple tonality of single coil and humbucker can be played by pushing either of the tone knobs.

This is the finest SG-3000 I've ever seen. Black Metallic finish is mesmerizing and sets the guitar apart from any other Japan-made guitar. With excellent maintenance done, I have no comment at all on any chip, ding, scratch, dent or whatsoever. Minor oxidation on the metallic pickup frame and some cloth off the hard case would mark this guitar 9.9 out of 10? It is too awesome, too shiny, too lovely, overall just makes me speechless.