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  •  SOLD  1968 Yamaha SG-7A
    Flying Samurai Wearing Blue Jeans
Put up here is an iconic Yamaha vintage SG7A aka Blue Jeans, Flying Samurai (or even called Flying Banana). Serial number 8880 dates from 1968. This 55 year-old treasure still stays in excellent shape with little dings dents or cracks on the body. Metal parts oxidation and the replaced knobs are notable but I can surely say, it is very rare to come across a pre-1970 Yamaha guitar in this great condition. What is more, as you see the tuners, bridge, tailpiece, pickup switch and tremolo arms are all gold. This is the major difference from her sister model SG5A.

Speaking of the specs and a little bit of history behind the model names, Yamaha made a sensational debut in late 60’s with ground breaking designs of their electric guitars by launching SG5 and SG7 at much higher price tag than their competitors of Greco, Ibanez and Tokai. This higher price strategy ended soon at lower-than-expected volume of sale, so Yamaha cut the price down next year and here we have ‘A’ appended at SG5 and SG7.

Another trivia – SG7 seemed to be a milestone product. 20 years later after its inception, Yamaha relaunched the anniversary model in 1986. It was reintroduced again in 1995. The recent model has the neck pickup in parallel to the rest of pickups, not in diagonal placement of original.