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  •  SOLD  1977-79 Yamaha SL-650
    Black Beauty Plays Rich & Fat
Modeled after A copy of Les Paul Custom, also known as Black Beauty. At the peak era of Gibson-copying lawsuit production Yamaha joined along with Greco, Ibanez, Tokai and other prominent Japanese makers but took slightly different approach by designing its own headstock top, not looking like open book. This unique design was also applied to Santana-designed record hit seller SG series.

SL-650 plays impressive sustain and attack. Neck profile is based on 59' Rounded. Overbinding frets suit best choking and vibrato. To verify dating I called Yamaha HQ and was told SL series was sold from November 1976 to 1979.

To speak of the guitar condition, fairly good maintenance done but wear on gold hardware and ivoroid bottom binding is noticeable. Other minor scratches and chips can be explained as a part of aging. A black gig bag, coming along with this guitar, nicely matches the splendid black body.