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  •  SOLD  1995 Yamaha VG-Standard
    Exquisite Violin Contour
The exquisite vintages of Yamaha VG Standard violin guitars, according to Japanese guitar forums and Yamaha catalog, were marketed and sold only for a short period in late 90's. The body shape looks very similar to Beatles' bass but Yamaha says in their brochure the guitar was inspired by and dedicated to ASKA, a nation-wide famous J-pop singer. Here the catchphrase was Special Design for Pop Session!

The combination of maple body, mahogany back and rosewood fretboard, commonly found in Japanese solid body, makes impressive sustain. Also coupled with P-90 pickups, it echoes with wide range of tone variation. Condition-wise, only the oxidation on the tailpiece marks down A+ quality. Request please if you need further evidence of excellent maintenance.