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  •  SOLD  1988 Yamaha SAS-II
    Small body black and gold combo
I obtained this small body guitar from a vintage guitar geek in west Tokyo who was pretty much a paranoia as far as guitar maintenance is concerned. 1988-made this shiny masterpiece gives me hard time to find hint of scratches / dents / dings. For bonus I give you extra parts of black tuner pegs and knobs. (The previous owner liked black so replaced those parts.) I took the photos both of original parts and black ones. You tune it according to your preference.

Speaking of the model SAS-II, it inherited the same gene of Yamaha SAS series characterized as small hollow body + center block. Design looks also similar to Ibanez AM200/205 and Gibson ES-339/CS-336, but push-push pot at the tone knob, which enables multiple layers of tonality by toggling humbucker and single coil, stands SAS-II out from the competitors. For a quick comparison to Gibson, Yamaha SAS-1500 is carved from a single piece of mahogany wood which is the same case of Gibson CS-336, whereas both SAS-II and ES-339 feature laminated timbers.

This cute small body giant perfectly fits for the players seeking the lighter alternative of their sizable 335 hollow bodies. With the size being same as a Les Paul, SAS-II provides greater playing comfort. Furthermore, to magnify expression of vintage jazz sound the pickups are replaced with Seymour Duncun's SH-2(JAZZ) on neck and SH-14(Custom5) on bridge. SH-2 plays articulate and clear tone with smooth sustain while SH-14 features clean and rich sound, full of enhanced presence. Both works very well with rosewood fingerboards.

The only area which may need repair is fret buzz on 5th string along the mid frets but you wouldn't hear any when playing on the amp. This beauty has currently 009-042 strings put on, and will be packed and shipped with a sturdy gig bag.