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  •  SOLD  199x Burny RLC-105S
    LP Custom Endless Sustain
Burny RLC-105S is best known among the Japanese as Pata(X-Japan)'s favored guitar. His keenness on enhancing sustain led to have this guitar feature 2 dedicated switches for sustain, let alone the rhythm - treble 3 way common switch. With first switch sustain can be turned on/off, and once it is turned on, you may use the other switch to fine-tune the level of sustain. When it is maximized you find yourself hearing the trance of endless sustain. I personally have not seen anything like this in my Japan-made LP collection.

My research from Japanese forum found this guitar dates around 1990 during which days Burny had no serial number stamped. The model name RLC-105S can be interpreted as price being 105,000 yen + S standing for Sustain apparently. This guitar amazes me not only with its impressive sound but impeccable fine condition. Look through the photos and complain to me if you find any noticeable defects. All parts are original, including the hardshell case with clear logo of Burny. You enthusiastic bidding is welcome!