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  •  SOLD  1988 Greco LG-110
    Rarest vintage ever - Super Real L5
This is by far the rarest vintage I've ever collected. The label says LG-110N (Natural timber as color), but I dealt with huge difficulty in figuring out the details of this guitar. I have substantial collection of Greco 80's catalogs but this guitar appears nowhere on them. Interestingly, on the online market LG-100 shows up, modeled after Gibson L5 CES. In comparison to LG-100, tiger striped ebony fingerboard and torch emblem featured in LG-110 can be considered closer to lawsuit guitars(also noticeable is LG-110's strap pin is located right on the neck heel whereas LG-100 has pin fixed slight under the heel, on the rear body of the guitar.)

Very fine condition can be proved by the photos displayed below. What may, or may not concern you is firstly no pickguard, and secondly, this guitar has been played in heavily smoked environment, resulting in carrying some tobacco odor. For those who don't mind, this guitar is offered not only playful but great historic value as well. Lastly, this guitar is currently in the US so BUYERS IN THE STATES, I SHIP FREE!