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  •  SOLD  1980 Ibanez JP-20
    A Heartful Tribute to Joe Pass
Joe Pass JP20, sold under the Ibanez name from 1981–1990, is a must collection for jazz guitarists and its historical value goes ever higher as time passes. Along with JSM, PM, LR and GB series, JP20 represents the golden age of Ibanez handcrafted production.

When Ibanez teamed up with Joes Pass as endorser, the intent was to produce a modestly priced full hollow body, modeled after D'Aquisto and partly ES-175 but with improved response, playability and comfort. Co-designed UK archtop maven Maurice Summerfield, JP20 features bookmatched flame maple, ebony fretboard, wider nut and length in an effort to accommodate articulate expression on jazz solo. Also in addition to Joe Pass’s name being engraved in the 21st fret inlay, what makes the first 1,000 of these models particularly collectible is the fact that Joe Pass hand signed their inside labels in ballpoint ink. The photo below proves this guitar is one of those early 1000 copies.

Few guitarists made as big a contribution to jazz guitar tradition and classic sound as did Joe Pass. And name-sake, this first-issue Ibanez Joe Pass JP20 was a quiet giant that earns high praise among chord melody players and collectors. A quick research on the internet would indicate the average price of JP20 is over $1500. With excellent maintenance done, this guitar nonetheless has tiny binding cracks on cutaway and lower bout, plus small dent near right side F-hole, which is why huge discount was applied.