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  •  SOLD  1984-1987 Fender Stratocaster ST-456
    A Disrupting Modern Design
Labeled as Boxer series, ST456 distinguished its modernized design from the existing stratocaster models. The guitar was made by a prominent local guitar manufacturer Fujigen, which responded to this new trend in mid 80's with top quality wood and superior craftsmanship.

Also notable on this guitar is 1 volume, 1 tone with 5 way toggle, which can be considered as rare set up from the vintage stratocasters. Ranging from bright sound by single pickups to deep drive on humbucker generates impressive tonality with clear resonance from Alder timber in combination of sustain from maple body.

To speak of conditions and cosmetics, a small punched chip is found on the rear neck and moderate neck bow was unavoidable considering its 34 years age but rest of the parts show hardly any damage or oxidation. A genuine gigbag ships along with this stylish vintage.