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  •  SOLD  1998 Yamaha AEX-1500
    Crossover player for Acoustic / Jazz
The AEX-1500 allows the player to explore new expressions in a jazz-orientated repertoire. On the one hand, its neck-mounted mini-humbucker reproduces those warm and mellow traditional archtop tones; on the other, the instrument carries a bridge-loaded piezo system for reproducing realistic amplified acoustic sounds. These two signal sources can be mixed together, offering an extensive palette of voicings and providing articulate tonal tailoring courtesy of the piezo's three-band EQ and adjustable (400Hz-2kHz) midrange. Controls include a passive volume and tone for the neck pickup, an active EQ for the piezo, and a mix control for blending the two.

The beauty of AEX-1500 is the ideal marriage of classic look and electric-acoustic sound that has appealed to all genres of musicians from country and rock to rockabilly and jazz. Yamaha crafts some of the finest archtops in the world, there should be no objection of top quality among the mainstream musicians including Martin Tailor. The guitar being showcased here has virtually no cosmetic / structural issue at all. Mint is not enough word to express the finest condition. The lucky owner of this guitar will also be given the original hardshell case.