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  •  SOLD  1997-2000 Fender Telecaster
    Fender Crafted in Japan
Up for sale is Fender Japan Telecaster Crafted in Japan model O serial, dated around 1997-2000.

Self-described by the photos, the guitar is showcasing its well maintained condition, hardly with any visible scratches or cracks. Hardwares and tuners adding little bit of rust and frets worn at moderate level but 20 years of matured timbers still deserve the phrase of pristine beauty. You may ask for detailed photos if you doubt, and I am fully ready to bust the myth!

As a side note, I have yet to figure out the model name of this guitar. Fender Japan's 1996-2000 catalog doesn't show exactly the same guitar. The closest one I believe should be TL69, judging from bassword body, upper capital TELECASTER printed on the headstock and 3 pieces of string holder / action adjusters. To whoever can tell the exact model name, discount is offered!