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  •  SOLD  1986 Ibanez AS-80
    Root of John Scofield Signature Models
I am thrilled to discover a missing child of Ibanez AS Artist family! Introducing here is AS80 Artist made in Japan, only sold between 1983 and 1987 (years later the production of the same model with the different postfix of Artstar was moved to factories of Cort guitars in Korea). To jazz players Ibanez AS is a must buy gear, endorsed by Ben Monder(AS50) and John Scofield(AS200 which evolved to JSM100).

This rare piece of hollow body is in good condition with careful maintenance done over the last 35 years. Lacquer wear around the lower bout binding, trace of adhesive materials on the bottom, and a small crack near bottom right hand corner of neck pickup ring need your attention in terms of cosmetics. Apart from which, the guitar shines with elegant and graceful beauty. She is currently sleeping in Gretsch hardshell case till a new lover wakes her up.