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  •  SOLD  1978 Fernandes FSA-80
    by Electric Sound Research Group
Up for sale is Fernandes Semi-Acoustic, FSA-80. Along with Greco by Terada, Ibanez by Fujigen, Aria Pro II by Matsumoku, Fernandes (particularly its sub-brand Burny) dominates the golden age of Japan vintages in 1970 and 80’s. Quoting from 1978 catalog, they proudly introduced FSA-80: “In-depth research has been put into the chemistry between pickups and hollow body. Excessive echo and body vibration have also been resolved. Lastly, by adopting the stop-tail-piece the ideal resonance of mild but sharp tonality has been brought about.”

Except the half centimeter long chip on the rear end of neck, this guitar survived tsunamis, floods and earthquakes over 40 years. Neck is straight, frets hardly worn, and as you hear from the sample video, my fingers are effortlessly dancing across the fretboard. Wow another hidden gem of Japan vintages!