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  •  SOLD  1985 Greco K-FA Custom
    Surpassing the original
From late 70’s for a decade, Greco was making the replicas of Gretsch 6120 and Falcon, along with its Gibson and Fender copies. Along the growing demands of genuine imports from the domestic market, also the lawsuit pressure from the US makers, Greco stopped churning out the carbon copies and starting to develop their originals (and their fame started fading out ironically). Thus the guitar showcased here comes out of Greco’s golden age, and not to mention it is very very rare.

Among the Japanese collectors, these Gretsch copies are called Grecotsch (Greco + Gretsch). A distinguishable feature of this guitar is no tremolo which must appear on other Gretsch 6120 copies. No label put on the F-hole, indicating this was a custom-made order. The ones with tremolo have model named K-FA-ORN. Decrypting it must be like K for Kanda Shokai (Shokai = Trading), ORN being Orange, and FA must be Full Acoustic?? Research is still going on.

Quickly stating the condition – absolutely fine. You may argue frets worn, metal parts oxidate, pick ups not original (Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1 PAF) but think about how old this guitar is. 35 years without single crack of binding wear, this is graceful, loveable, wonderful!