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  •  SOLD  1979 Ibanez GB10
    Designed and played by George Benson
A graceful vintage of Ibanez GB10 is waiting for the new owner. The ideal mix of spruce top + maple body + ebony fretboard adds luxury to pearl and abalone inlay. Supplementary nut between the 1st fret and headstock, in addition to ivoroid one is seen only in the high ends guitars. Another key distinguisher must be the floating pickups, co-designed by George Benson, which eliminate feedback and thus deliver warm and well rounded output. Lifting them up and down comes effortless by single screwing from the top of the pick guard. This also gets rid of the pickup rings, making the pickups stand out and the gold hardware shinier.

This lovely vintage of 1979 model is maintained well over more than 40 years. I myself have owned a few 70’s GB10s, and they commonly had excessive bind wear, which is not shown on this guitar. I may however, point to 2 areas that need your attention – the heel binding has chips-off, and some of the metal parts are oxidated in moderate level. So the final judgment? If you are looking for full hollow body with the compact size, at the same time the superb resonance and playability, there is no alternative other than GB.