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  •  SOLD  1990-91 Fender TLAC-950
    Also known as TLAC-100
What you are witnessing here is the post-modern child of Fender Telecaster family. Crafted by Fujigen, the very manufacturer of the legendary Greco and Ibanez lawsuit guitars, TLAC-950 was firstly introduced in 1991. “950” in model name refers to 95,000 yen. 2 years later, the same model was renamed as TLAC-100 at 100,000 yen price mark. The guitar was made for Japan domestic consumption, hence very small number of stocks landed in the US soil. In other words TLAC, short for Telecaster Acoustic, deserves the seat of the rare vintage.

Equipped with USA-made Lace-Sensor Burton-Silver pickup at neck side and Piezo pickup at bridge side, the guitar features unique designs including active circuit system (meaning you need 9V batter put in the rear chamber of the guitar) and round cut heel at higher frets for smoother playability.

Aesthetic touches can also be found on this thinline-style semi-hollow body, such as asymmetric F-hole, non-round curve of right bottom bout for the jack outlet. Lastly, dent-free maintenance and spotless quality adds bonus marks to already the highest point I can ever give.