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  •  SOLD  1971-1975 Ibanez 2355
    The very Lawsuit copy of ES-175
Introducing here is Ibanez’s full hollow body 2355 dating between 1971 and 1975. Along with Greco, Tokai and other ambitious Japanese guitar brands, Ibanez was earning its fame by producing carbon copy of major US brands including Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and more. Particularly this model 2355 was said to meticulously copy ES-175. Threatened by the market expansion of Japanese brands, Gibson filed the lawsuit, which resulted in the Japan brands stop producing the copies. It is fairly interesting to compare the before & after the suit, for example the headstock of pre-1976 had the exact same shape of Gibson’s while 1976 onwards had a bit of deformed funny crown on Ibanez’s headstock. Photo attached so please have a comparative look.

Apart from the plagiarism, the quality of the guitar was absolutely superb. Acclaims from the guitar critiques were so high that there is a separate category of ‘lawsuit guitars’, which this guitar also belongs to. There are minor dings and dents found on the guitar, mostly on the body top, however this wouldn’t degrade the value of a lawsuit guitar. Also for an inquisitive buyer, I played a sample tune recorded with this guitar. Lastly, the guitar comes along with a sturdy hardshell case.