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  •  SOLD  2010-2020 Landscape AR-101 Custom
    With the Nature of Native Beauty
Thanks for your attention. You are now watching one of the most beautiful jazz guitars that have ever existed. Landscape guitars are 100% hand-made by Nagano-based Quest international, whose mission statement translates into ‘making instruments in organic way of expressing the native beauty.’ In doing so, they apply violin crafting techniques, for example minimize using metal parts and wires – you will be surprised to see no Input jack at the bottom right corner of bout. It is instead located at the bottom of tailpiece holder.

Looking at the design of this guitar, particularly from snow flake inlays and humbucker pickups with 2 knobs, I should say it is a customized mixture of AR-101(Landscape logo inlay, only at 12th fret) and AR-101 PH (Perry Hughes, floating pickup with 1 knob only) model. Guitar body is 17 inch, has spruce carved top resulting in amazing resonance, while body back uses flame maple, balancing off the tone and sustain. 5 ply maple neck and ebony fingerboards are the ideal timer selection and qualified enough for supreme craftsmanship.

The guitar is loved by professional musicians who demand extreme quality and playability, perhaps the retail price tag of USD 3500 can explain why? The guitar will fly along with the original case. Please let me know if you want to be the next owner of this incredible beauty.