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  •  SOLD  1976 Yamaha SA-90
    The last child of 1st Generation SA
Yamaha vintage lovers, you are now watching the last child of 1st generation line ups of Yamaha hollow body, SA-90. It played an important role in the family tree of Yamaha SA series that eventually evolved into more of 335 styles of SA three digit and four digit guitars (SA-700, SA-1200, SA-1300, SA-1800, SA-2000 and SA-2500) in the next decades.

SA two digit series, or the 1st generation series including this guitar of SA-90, portray Yamaha’s unique designs – less round arch top, pointy headstock, square placement of knobs and not to mention the upside down plate of input jack. Aesthetics of the 1st generations however succumbed to mass market demand of ordinary design.

So, if you agree with the rarity of SA-90, this guitar will delight you with old school vintage sound and tonality. Have a listen to the sample recording for verification. Speaking of cosmetics, the bridge pickup has traces of burn and the replaced nut, albeit nicely fit to the neck, leaves a bit of scar around the side of neck. Also note, neck is straight but trussrod is fully adjusted, so there is no more room for tightening. To compensate that, I am shipping the guitar with Yamaha’s genuine hardshell case.