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  •  SOLD  2009 Tokai ES-145
    A Killer 335 Semi Hollow
This is an exclusive Christmas gift for you who have been yearning to own a Japan made 335. Produced in 2009 and purchased Nov last year at a local music shop here in Tokyo, this ES-145 SB(Sun Burst) will surely delight you as it did to me. It was my first Tokai guitar and it definitely outperformed my expectation in every aspect. Excellent fit and finish, the best timers and materials, and astonshing sound of PAF Vintage MkII pikcups, all earn Tokai as a supreme guitar manufacturer.

In terms of playability, once I lay my fingers on the fertboard Tokai does a magic, having my fingers dance over the frets so nice and smooth. I had a similar experience when playing a Ibanez GB10 but this Tokai baby is still 1 year old, staying hardly touched, so there's absolutely no question about fret wear, buzz, curvage, abnormal action or intonation. Laminated finish is so shiny that I had difficulty in taking the photo as natural as possible.

To brief the specs, Gotoh machine head, Dot inlay and SCALE: 625/312.5mm. The rest of info is in the table below. This amazing instrument is delivered to you with original hard shell case. Please also check out the sample music played with this guitar (keeley java booster to dr z maz 38 amp and 2x12 celestion blue speakers cabinet. recorded with ribbon beyerdynamic microphone. Thanks Jurek)