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  •  SOLD  1977-1978 Greco SE-500
    Super Sound Stratocaster
Everybody loves Greco, who wouldn’t! Here is the impressive vintage of Super Sound SE500, dating in 1976 at which time Greco was rising as a fast follower to Gibson and Fender. Their SE and TE models obviously copied Fender, namely Stratocaster and Telecaster models. For those who are curious about Super Sound brand, it is positioned between Super Real, the top-notched masterpiece, and Spacey Sound, the mass production version. These three S brands were selling until mid 80’s when Mint Collection was introduced, and followed by Clear Sound in 90’s.

According to Greco’s 1977 catalog, it was bragging about the newly introduced PU-100 pickups, marketed as low-coiled high power generating clear attack, playing mellow and dry. Also a quick note – SE600 and SE800 featured truss rod at the top of neck whereas SE500 had one at the bottom.

In terms of maintenance, this beautiful instrument survived half a century without a visible dings or dents. Natural aging of decolorization and oxidation are rather pretty and graceful. Neck is straight and no buzz heard. You may hear a bit of noise in dialing the knobs, so spraying rust removal lubricants will do the magic maybe?