Sharpened Flat logo 2016
  • 2010-2011 Fender TL72
    Immersed in Candy Apple Red
Japan-made Fenders set them apart from the US or Mexico counterparts by their meticulous attention to details and precision craftsmanship. The Telecaster TL72, showcased here, inherited the same gene and has the serial number started with U. Some may argue U serial numbers were used in mid 90’s but the same letter was used again from 2010 to 2011, made by Ganda Shokai. Yes the very guitar manufacturer of the legendary Greco brand!

Overall condition of the guitar is excellent. You would’ve given A+ for this guitar unless you find the minor lacquer wear near the lower left rim. Also to the curious observers, the letters printed on the guitar body where the bolt neck connects to can be translated as ‘STD = Standard’, ‘CAR = Candy Apple Red’, and another letter at the bottom – D refers to the neck type? Well I find this harder than deciphering the hieroglyphs. Hope my assumptions are correct.