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  •  SOLD  1999 Epiphone ES-335
    Cloning the Gibson Gene
Put up here is 1999 Epiphone Japan ES-335, made by Terada Gakki (Gakki meaning Music in Japanese). With careful maintenance done over 25 years, she still shines as if she has been sleeping in a time capsule. I am seeing her reborn particularly after polishing patinas around the metal parts of bottom frets and tail piece (note: bridge was replaced with a brand new made-in-Japan one).

Having quick research on Epiphone ES-335, you would want to question on why Japan-made ES-335 is more than double the price than the rest. Here goes an interesting story – in 1980’s, Terada and Gibson launched a joint project labeled as Orville to appeal the Japan domestic market at affordable price. The half successful project didn’t till the new millennium, by which time the break up of the project let Terada take over Epiphone Japan production. The very guitar you are watching here is a good example of the ideal mix on Terada quality + Gibson knowhow, including the meticulous sourcing of the best timbers from Maple + Mahogany + Rosewood, and long neck tenon.

Back to the guitar condition, frets are worn a bit but nothing else to be commented because I might have to borrow a microscope to examine any visible crack, dent, or chips. She is just gorgeous and magnificent!