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  •  SOLD  1980 Aria Pro II SH-1000
    Matsumoku + Hayashi collcaboration
Exotic design and sound. Attributed by the collaboration of the legendary guitar manufacturer Matsumoku + top luthier Nobuaki Hayashi.
Here citing from Wikipedia - Design engineer Nobuaki Hayashi became part of Matsumoku's engineering team in the mid-1970s. Hayashi's pseudonym, 'H. Noble', appeared on the rear headstock of this guitar. Aria's guitars, that followed showed remarkable design innovation and a definitive move away from Gibson and Fender forms...

So this guitar features semi hollow + semi solid. F holes are carved from chamber-structured top and back. Sound-wise, acoustic mellow sounds + Sharp solid tone. Different from SH-800 featuring passive circuit which I sold weeks ago, SH-1000 has active circuit, resulting in bass / treble boost and more expressive tonality. Overall, this beautiful piece is in great quality, well maintained for over years. The shiny photos tell themselves.

For those who are interested in the original advertisement of this guitar I attached their 1979 catalogue. They were passionately promoting ‘newly developed mole-type humbucker MH-I and the embedded BB circuit’ as the key feature of SH-1000. It is also said that highly sensitive hum-free design MH-I pickups offer a seamless delivery of picking attack and string vibration. It also provides noise cancelation, and expressively hot and active tonality. Citing their catalogue, “With this guitar meeting their needs, professional guitarists are now able to express their soul in delicate level.'

Also noticeable is the 3 way mode selector. Bright mode (up), treble focused, magnifies attacks and play solid tone. Switching to Normal mode (center) lets you play electric acoustic sound, and lastly, Mild mode (bottom) enriches mid & bass. Coupled with 5 piece maple through-neck, there is no howling issue, and you will be overwhelmed with long sustain. The original hardshell case with Aria logo affixed will come along with this amazing instrument.